Simple As Could Be

Hello world!

Welcome! I am so excited to start this blog. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and I thought, “What is it that is holding me back?” It’s me! So here it goes…Right now I am a nanny of five amazing boys/young men. I have had the privilege of watching them grow and mature their personalities for almost three years, and am proud to think that I have had a positive impact on them in some way (whatever that may be!)

This blog is a place for me to talk about my interests and share knowledge. After some thought, the best word I can think of to describe the content of this blog is Self-Development. Well okay, that’s two words, but you can get the picture. I have broken it up into three categories, all subject to my interpretation of course. There is the development of the ‘Professional Self’, which covers topics like organization and finances, the development of the ‘Expressive Self’, which covers topics like ways to improve living and DIY projects, and the development of the ‘Self Identity’, which covers topics like learning about different cultures and our impact on the environment.

I love learning, and this blog is my place to share what I learn with others. There may be the occasional inspirational story that I feel I need to share, or an update on my life, but generally it will be me being open, honest, and most importantly human. I’m still new at this process, so I’m ready to make some mistakes along the way. But like I said, I love learning and mistakes are some of life’s best teachers! So climb aboard, get ready for some self-development, and let’s make life as simple as could be!

P.S. I post on a weekly basis. Check back next Monday for some tips on how to stick to your New Years resolutions!