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About Me : )

I'm Eric Miller. I live in Panama City, FL.

I really like making things that are simple and fun to use. I have a design and usability background and I'm good with Responsive Html 5 Layouts, CSS3 frosting, and Modular JavaScript. I think I'm particularly good at bringing ideas to life and writing unimpeachable front end code.

Professional [+]


Site for a Fashion Photographer

Protected Client Work

To respect the privacy of my clients, this work requires a password to view. Please contact me if you'd like the password.


In progress. Freelance Project for a Wisconsin Cheese Manufacturer

Ed - The Student Mastery Tracker

In progress. Web application for tracking student mastery of state learning objectives.


Software Entrepreneurship Effort. I was Web Developer, Creative Director, and Game Designer

Projects {*}

Conway's Game of Life

An exercise to to the "Game of Life" using Backbone and other modern technologies.

jSpeed - The Blazingly Fast (to run) Javascript Performance Test

A proof of concept. I wanted to show that the broad differences between devices can be demonstrated with a JS test that takes >250ms to run. This was successful (try it on an iPhone 3, then on an iPhone 4).

Box2d Test Demo

A demo of the JS port of Erin Catto's Box 2D physics engine, using the canvas tag.


This is the kind of thing that will be awesome someday. It's also known as the magic innuendo generator.


I'm turning a cargo van into a mobile office and bedroom for wandering and working.

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